Quick-Drying Unisex Swimming/Aqua/climbing Shoes

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These aqua shoes will provide you with extra grip and protection when on wet surfaces. Our aqua shoes for men, women, and children are perfect for trips to the beach, staying safe at the poolside and keep feet cool on the hot sand.

These Aqua Shoes are popular in water sports and feverishly loved by entertainment lovers. When you wear water shoes sliding on the water, just like walking on land, smooth and flexible.

The fashionable aqua shoes possess the effect of barefoot acupressure. A correct choice of wearing aqua shoes in water sports or on the hot beach.



As an alternative to indoor slippers or walking shoes, when doing light outdoor activities or resting feet after rigorous exercise.

The uppers and insoles of our aqua shoes are breathable and feel walking barefoot when you are wearing them.


There are 7 holes on the sole for water circulation, which can help water shoes dry quickly. Durable rubber soles are flexible and thick, they are anti-slip and can protect you from slipping.


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