Cracked Nail Repair Gel

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 Broken nails are a thing of the past with the INSTANT NAIL REPAIR GEL!

No need to suffer through weeks of tender & painful cracked nails!  No more waiting for nails to heal & grow back!

Perfect Solution for Broken & Cracked Nails!
ONE BRUSH of this gel INSTANTLY SEALS BROKEN OR SPLIT NAILS while adding a nice shine and finish to it! Get absolutely flawless and natural-looking results!

It is made from a POTENT REPAIRING FIBER GEL that is reliably STRONG & LONG-LASTING and will definitely hold up against regular wear & tear!

It also BINDS & PROTECTS the weak cracked or broken spot to HASTEN NAIL REPAIR!

Intact nails also mean ZERO BACTERIAL INFECTION at the nail beds!

This is by far the best & perfect solution to major nail problems!

Various Styling Options!
To use, just brush over damaged area & dry! Yes! It is that EASY!

It’s also QUICK DRYING and DOESN’T RUN and what’s more, it WON’T INTERFERE WITH NMAIL POLISH COLOR! So style your nails to your heart’s content!